Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

Starting Point

OK, where do we start the discussion? After some thinking, I decided that I might as well start with the place that got me started too, namely the website I already mentioned in my initial post. I wasn't sure if I should link to it here or not, because there are surely some things you can criticize about it - most notably maybe that it's style is flashy rather than scientific. It is in parts speculative without saying so explicitly, and many views presented there range somewhere between unconventional and extreme. But I think when it comes to making you start thinking out of the box, it does its job. It's actually two websites by the same guy, Jay Hanson. So, with the disclaimer that I don't endorse or assume any responsibility for their contents, I just invite you to take a look and critically reflect if you find a grain of truth in there or not, here they are: and I think it's worth the while listening to the audio interview on the latter one, as it may put a bit into perspective who the guy is who comes up with all that stuff.

Alright, now I admit this stuff isn't easy to digest, so let me promise that this is as pessimistic as we're going to get; in posts to come we'll be having a look at more matter-of-factual sources of information, and at possible ways to try and prevent the dark picture of the future that Hanson paints from coming true. Consider these pages as a starting point to broaden the horizon on possible views of the world and our future, as a potential worst-case scenario that explains why it's important to think about questions of sustainability.

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