Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Green Energy

Some good news, at last: a number of major European companies, headed by Munich Re, are teaming up with the ambitious vision of building a major solar power plant in the Sahara. A 400 billion € investment and an area of 130 by 130 km would be necessary to supply 15% of Europe's power by around 2020, according to today's news. The project, named Desertec, would rely on solar heat rather than photovoltaics to generate electrical power. The vision is bold, but it holds great promises: a sensible way to invest in the midst of the economic crisis, the promise of CO2-free unlimited renewable energy, and economic support for African countries. Sounds so good that I think Desertec deserves full support.

In the meanwhile, you can demonstrate your support for renewable energies by switching to an eco-power supplier. I've done it, and it was incredibly easy: firstly, get informed which suppliers there are. Once you've chosen one (I opted for "Lichtblick"), just go to their website, fill out a form with your data - and that's all. They take care of ending the contract with your old supplier, you don't notice any disruption, you just start getting your bills from someone else - someone who promises to only feed renewable energy into the "electricity lake" from which everyone "drinks". The more people buy eco-power, the more renewables flow into the lake, the cleaner the mix gets. It's not a single cent more expensive, in my case, and was a matter of five minutes once the decision for the supplier was made. So, what's stopping you?

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